Blurry Tornados

Life gets blurry when you move too fast.

We’re all busy. We all have lives that require a lot of our time and attention. You may be a full time student, a parent, a spouse, a teacher, a business man, a pastor, a friend, a son, a daughter. And many of us are more than just one of these. Regardless of which “roles” you play, we all have things going on in our lives that make us feel extremely busy.

I had this conversation with a dear friend of mine a little over a year ago. It was simple, maybe only 5 minutes in length we discussed this, but it stuck with me. He plainly stated that throughout all the busyness, if something is important to us, we have to and we will make time for it. I’ve heard it countless times before, but for some reason, that time it resonated.

At that time I was a full time student, getting ready to graduate, working 5 days a week and in ministry. Not to mention all of the other “roles” I had to fulfill in my life. Needless to say, I was busy.

It was in that moment though, I had to decide if I was going to slow down, and make time, or if I was going to continue as a tornado, whirling past important moments.

I quickly realized I was missing out on valuable community and relationships because I used my busyness as an excuse. I was missing out on ministry opportunities because I was in such a hurry to get through the day. I was missing out on belly laughs and joyful tears because I had too much to do. I was missing out on learning and growing because I was not taking time to slow down and pay attention.

So I decided to stop. I decided to open my eyes and take time to slow down. I decided that my “busyness” could wait.

However, it’s been challenging. Some days my to-do list (if it ever gets written down) is from top to bottom, and the day whirls by without second thought of slowing down. It’s especially hard when we live in a culture that says “go, go, go” that to be successful you have to move at accelerating rates, constantly.

But how beautiful, I realized, that I get to serve an upside down Kingdom, and a God that says, woah, slow down, be still and sit with Me. He tells me, you’ll accomplish far more when you take time to stop and be still in My presence, than trying to speed your way through a busy schedule. And when I did this, amazing things happened.

Relationships began to flourish. Peace began to overflow. Clarity and focus emerged. The Spirit began to freely move in my life.

So I encourage you, today, tomorrow, this week… take the time to slow down.

Take the time to breathe and be still. Take the time to talk to the person behind you in line at the grocery store. Slow down long enough to smile and wave at the person across the street.
Take the time to read a chapter in that new book sitting on your shelf. Take the time to call that person that’s been on your heart for days. Take the time to sit outside and watch the sunset tonight or enjoy a cup of tea, or both.
Take the time to ask your friend how their day was and really listen to what they say.

Slow down and take some time to rest, refresh and refill your soul. Don’t miss what’s going on around you because you’re caught up in a tornado going 100mph.

One day, I don’t want to have to say “Oh, those years were just a blur” because I sped right through them, but rather I want to have pockets full of vibrant, Spirit filled stories because I decided to take the time to slow down and look around.

And since don’t want my life to be blurry, I don’t want to miss precious moments the Lord lays right in front of me… the next time, because there will be a next time, I feel myself swirling around like a tornado, I will choose to stop.

I will choose to be still and take the time to be present.

And I hope that you do too. 

*Disclaimer* This could be an entirely different post on its own, but I’ll keep it short and sweet.

A few months after that sweet conversation with my friend, I was given the opportunity to share the story of Martha (the hostess with the mostest) and her sister Mary, with a bunch of teenagers (who we all know are the busiest of bees). In preparing for that message, I was once again reminded of the truth and goodness in slowing down. I often come back to this scripture when I feel myself whirling around in that tornado, and I hear Jesus whisper to my quieted soul, “Megan, Megan, you are worried about many things… slow down, sit with me a minute, I will settle these winds.”

So I encourage you again, take the time to slow down and soak in all that’s happening around you, because I guarantee, it’s a lot more than you may realize.

Check out Luke 10:38-41 if you wanna read the story about my girl Martha and her sis Mary, and Jesus’ spot on response.

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