About 2 months ago I was reading through a study and the author wrote “…who you are and how you feel are not the same thing” and although I’ve heard this a few different ways, more than once, for some reason this time it stuck with me. I knew right away I wanted to blog about this, but I didn’t “feel” as if I had the words in that moment to write about it. So I put it off until now.

Let’s first define this word “feelings.” Google defines it as: an emotional state or reaction; or a belief, especially a vague or irrational one. 

As a Christian, we believe that God created us, He gave us our looks, our personalities and even our feelings. He gave us the ability to feel love, to feel joy and excitement, to feel sadness and sympathy, to feel anger and disappointment. He has given us the freedom to feel all different ways, however, not all feelings are beneficial or even truthful.

Satan is able to use our feelings in manipulative ways. He uses our feelings to make us believe the lies he tells us and to keep us from the truth about who we are and whose we are. He tries to keep us from believing the truth of things such as; we are loved, accepted and children of God. The enemy can make us feel so bad about ourselves, we lose sight of truth.

So over the past 2 months, every time I started to “feel” a certain way that I believed to be a lie, I wrote it down and then followed it with what I know to be true about myself. I began viewing God, myself and my life in light of truth, rather than how I was feeling in the moment. 

And the chaos of life through feelings began to settle into a stillness of peace.

I am sure most everyone has experienced these feelings as well, so be encouraged by the truth I spoke over myself and am speaking over you…

When I feel weak, I am a conqueror through Christ.

When I feel alone, I am adopted by God. (see Adopted to “feel” the full depth of that)

When I feel inadequate, I am equipped and capable through God.

When I feel dirty, I am made clean by Jesus’ blood.

When I feel unloved, I am adored by the King of Kings.

When I feel fear, I am a child of Peace.

When I feel not enough, Jesus died for me.

When I feel broken, I am healed.

Feelings are good. They can allow us to experience God in extraordinary ways. But feelings can also be messy and they can lie to us. They can cloud our vision and our thoughts. Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our feelings, we actually miss what God is doing right in front of us. Whatever it is you’re “feeling” in this moment, I encourage you to feel it, recognize it for what it is and hand it over to the Lord. Let Him speak truth to you about who YOU are. God decides who we are, not our feelings.

Friend, you are not weak or useless just because your heart feels heavy.

Feelings are only feelings, but God is Almighty. God is truth. God is greater than our feelings. Dig into the Word and find out who God says you are.

These things I know: I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a leader, a follower, a mama to a sweet kitty. I am loved, I am pursued, I am His beloved and so much more.

Sink into the sweet truths about who you are in Christ and don’t allow mere feelings to shake that.

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