About 2 months ago I was reading through a study and the author wrote "...who you are and how you feel are not the same thing" and although I've heard this a few different ways, more than once, for some reason this time it stuck with me. I knew right away I wanted to blog … Continue reading Feelings


Let me start off very blunt, but hang with me. About a year ago I decided that all people are terrible. I think we all have these moments once in a while, however, for me it stuck. For months I isolated myself from community, in fear of vulnerability, connecting and ultimately getting hurt. I thought … Continue reading Remain


Have you ever had one of those professors who tells you the same story over, and over again? And you're pretty sure he doesn't even remember telling you the first 5 times? Well I have one of those professors this semester. Almost every other class he tells the same story, or goes into detail explaining … Continue reading Adopted